Nagano Prefecture "Hot Springs Hakuba wall", ph value is -11.28 alkaline springs at the top level of national strength. It may be the impression that you have become too dry and irritation to be the strong alkaline springs, water is a very good balance to the very fine particles in the water, actually. Water is colorless, odorless and smooth in and feel like you are using the soap. ? This is the character, beauty and good "water of beauty" is called.
  The source of the Hakuba-happo hot spring springs out of the Jamon-rock formation of the foot of the mountain which got out of the bath of Obinata on the mountain more.
  Health promotion fatigue feeling of cold frozen shoulder stiffness indirect joint pain muscle pain and neuralgia UCHIMI Beauty Rheumatic constipation
Nagano Hakuba-Happo/Ougiya Ryokan
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